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  • We cater to all dog breeds, sizes and temperaments.

  • Fleurieu Park Boarding Kennels has been established for over 12 years.

  • All our guests enjoy a healthy meal, plenty of exercise and a comfortable nights sleep.

  • You are welcome to supply your dog's own food during their stay with us to avoid upset tummies and to keep them on something familiar, however an extra charge will be applied. Please portion their meals and clearly label them with name and instructions.

  • All dogs must be FULLY vaccinated. Please note that puppies do NOT require the optional booster dose in their first year.

  • Our kennels consist of a room, a verandah and an outside area.

  • We also have some smaller inside kennels suitable for small dogs only (no bigger than a Kelpie).

  • Most Customers say our kennels are large by comparison.

  • Our unique exercise facility means your dog will get as much exercise as he or she needs.

  • We treat all our guests like family.  Some will need more attention than others and we cater to that need.

  • Feel free to come and have a look any day.

  • We are open 10 to 11 am and 4 to 5.30 pm (6 pm during Daylight Saving).

  • Special diets can be given free of any additional charge.

  • Medication administration incurs a $4 per day surcharge.

  • Guests from the same family only are welcome to share accommodation and play time during their stay but we don't recommend this -

       **HOWEVER Dogs may NOT share accommodation if either is:

  1. Not de-sexed.

  2. Has behavioural issues such as aggression,  guarding their meals etc.

  3. If there is a large size difference between the dogs.

  4. Recovering from surgery or has a medical issue.

       ** We do not accept any liability for injuries incurred to any dog sharing a kennel from their co-tenant **

  • PLEASE don't make a fuss of your dog when you drop him or her off. This can contribute to separation anxiety.


** NO Day Care is available in peak times. **

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